Weekly Roundup: 5 Things that Happened in the Bahamas this Week, 10/2/2018

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Here it is folks, 5 things that happened in the Bahamas this week.  Some serious, some humorous.  I hope you enjoy reading them all.Walker's Cay Bahamas

Shark Tries Eating Boat Motor

Maybe they're running out of fish to eat in the Bahamas or maybe this shark thought the black boat motor was a seal.  Whatever the reason it wasn't about to let go of this Eleuthera fisherman's boat motor. Includes video.

Bahamas’ Walker Cay to Reopen

Walker's Cay is the northernmost island in the Bahamas. It was a popular fishing spot until it sustained damage in a 2004 hurricane and it's new owners are pledging to bring it back to it's former glory.

When The Bahamas Sailed Off To War

In 1914, the Bahamas entered the First World War and sent out 670 soldiers to fight. 50 of them never returned. Money had to be raised for the war effort, including many gold sovereigns hidden by inhabitants in the Out Islands.  "On November 9, The Tribune will be publishing a special tribute to mark the contribution of the Bahamian contingent who sailed from Nassau to ‘do their bit’ - whatever the price."

Disney Cruise Line's plan for a new Bahamas port sparks feuding among locals.

Residents of Eleuthera are divided over competing plans for the south side of the island.  It looks like half the island wants Disney Cruise Lines to increase the number of cruise ships, and the other half wants it to be a designated national park.

Damning findings in Exuma boat accident

An investigation was conducted by the Bahamas Maritime Authority into the explosion of a Four C’s Adventures boat in Exuma in June that killed an American woman and left several others injured found that the vessel was not registered with the Port Department, was never inspected, was not constructed up to standard and the fuel fill hose did not meet the specification for its intended use.


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