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Oh Andros Arawak Cay Nassau Bahamas

If you're in Nassau Bahamas and want some local food there's no better place to go than Oh Andros in the Fish Fry at Arawak Cay.  Any cab driver you talk to will know where to take you if you say fish fry, it's one of the most popular places on the island to eat and our favorite place for many years has been Oh Andros.


Oh Andros Menu


The Fish Fry is a strip of restaurants just east of downtown Nassau and you can get there easily by taxi or the ever popular #10 bus in town.  If you do want to take the bus be sure to have exact change.  On our last trip cost of the bus ride was $1.25 for adults and $1.00 for children.  If I remember right when we were in downtown Nassau you can look down the side streets at the eastern most end of town (I think it was Georges street) and find the buses waiting there.  Ask any local and they can tell you where they are.

Fried Chicken Dinner at Oh Andros

All the cab drivers have their favorite place and will try to steer you toward the restaurant of their choice. All you need to do is tell them you want to go to Oh Andros, Nassau Bahamas and they will usually drop you off right in front of the place.  There have been occasions where the street was blocked off and we had to walk from one end but that doesn't happen very often.  While you're walking around you may run into a guy, usually in a black suit, that like the cabbie wants to take you to his favorite place.  Again, just tell him you're going to Oh Andros and he will be very happy to escort you there.  I've never tipped the guy and there's no harm in letting him bring you into the place, who knows maybe he gets a free meal out of it.  It doesn't affect the price of your meal and there's no point in being rude to the guy, just let him do his thing.  Trust me, it's easier to just let him do it lol.

Oh Andros Conch Salad

Once you get there you'll notice there are plenty of locals willing to sell you cigars and other things.  Polite refusal is usually enough to get them to leave you alone, that is, unless you want some Cuban or Dominican cigars to smoke later.  Keep in mind that if you go during the busy season or on locals night you may have a bit of a wait to be seated.  It's a cozy, no frills place with limited seating but in my opinion well worth the wait.

Seafood at Oh Andros

Most meals come with 2 sides and a mountain peas and rice and the conch salad is made fresh.  Everyone that has been there with us has raved about the seafood.  Not being seafood lovers, our personal favorite is the fried chicken dinner with the mac & cheese.  Square chunks of lasagna style cheesy goodness but you can also get potato salad, peas n' rice, plantain, potato salad, cole slaw, or lettuce and tomatoes.  The portions are huge too, you will not leave this place hungry and can get a container to bring the rest with you if you need to.  Where else can you get a meal like this and mingle with the locals for $10? When you're done at Oh Andros the waitress or Big Mamma, if she's around, will happily call you a cab for the ride home.  The driver will meet you out front and walk you to his cab.

If you want great food in Nassau Bahamas and lots of it, for a great price then give Oh Andros a visit!

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