Hog Island Lighthouse on Paradise Island in the Bahamas

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The hog Island lighthouse is the most popular and most well-known lighthouse in the Bahamas. It was built in 1817 when paradise island was known as hog Island.  It’s also the oldest known White House in the West Indies.

If you want to visit the hog Island lighthouse you’ll have to make a trek to the western end of Paradise Island.  The trip will require quite a bit of walking Along the beach, over volcanic rock, and climbing over a wall. The easiest way to get there is by heading up the beach from the Cove Beach at the Atlantis resort.  

If you’re going to make the trek out to the lighthouse there are a few things you should know. First of all it’s going to take at least a couple hours to make the trip out and back because it’s about 2 miles round-trip from the Cove hotel at the Atlantis. Because you’re going to be walking over volcanic rock where some good shoes. You don’t want to go on this hike with open toed shoes or sandals.  When we went we brought a backpack with some water, snacks, and some sunscreen. You will be walking out in the sun quite a bit so you’ll need to stay hydrated and keep from getting burned. You’ll also want to let somebody know that you’re going, there aren’t many people out on the West End of the island so a cell phone probably isn’t a bad idea either.

We usually stay at the Harborside resort so it was easy for us to catch a shuttle over to the cove hotel.  From there we just walked through the hotel out onto the beach and started heading west.

Leaving for the Hog Island Lighthouse from the Cove Beach at Atlantis Resort

As you work your way down the beach you’ll come across a yoga retreat. Right about at that point is when you’ll run into the black volcanic rock. This stuff is very sharp and jagged so take your time while you work your way across the rock.

Paradise Island Yoga Retreat

Beach on the way to Hog Island Lighthouse

Once you get past the rock there is a bit of an inlet just before you come to a wall. Near the wall on the left there is a broken gate which you can walk through but when you get through the gate it wasn’t possible for us to get through past the wall. The gate inside where the small buildings are was locked.

The wall is about 6 feet or so tall and when we got there, someone had put one of the resort chairs up against it so it was easy enough to climb over. It is made out of stone so you have to be careful and getting down the other side as a matter of jumping up and down or lowering yourself against the wall.

Wall on the way to the Hog Island Lighthouse

The wall is about 6 feet or so tall and when we got there, someone had put one of the resort chairs up against it so it was easy enough to climb over. It is made out of stone so you have to be careful and getting down the other side is a matter of jumping on down four lowering yourself against the wall.

After you get down the other side of the wall you’ll come to s’more lava rock that you need to traverse.  Again, be careful on the rock so that you don’t fall and get caught. This time you’ll come to another wall which extends out to the ocean but is short enough so that you can hop over or walk around the end of it.

Crossing lava rock Paradise Island Bahamas

At some point pass this rock we did run into some houses and we did see a couple people come out probably just wondering who we were and what we were doing, we waved and kept walking.

Once this section of lava rock ended we came to another section of Beach and continue on.  Since this beach is it frequented by many people, we spent some time collecting seashells.after what seemed like forever we could finally see the lighthouse in our sites. The last section of beach was quite long and we came to one final rocky area just before the lighthouse.  

Crossing the last section of beach before the Hog Island Lighthouse

There are birds nesting in the rocks so you may get startled if one of the birds suddenly flies up out of though the rocks.

Nesting bird on Paradise Island in the Bahamas

When we finally made it to the lighthouse the door was open and we were able to go in. The stairs inside to go up to the top were kind of rickety so we decided against going up and just looked around inside for a bit and then went out to take some pictures.  There are some posts on the far side of the lighthouse with a chain that form a walkway out to the western most point of the island. From there you have a great view of Nassau Harbor in the Breakwater at the tip of the island.

Hog Island Lighthouse Paradise Island Bahamas

View of Nassau Harbor from the western end of Paradise Island in the Bahamas

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