Harborside Resort at Atlantis Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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If you've never been to the Harborside Resort at Atlantis you're in for a treat.  The resort has spacious villas with all the amenities of home that make your trip to Paradise Island a lot more comfortable.  There are 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units spread out across several buildings located a short walk from the Atlantis hotel.  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Harborside.  I will expand the list as things change. 

1. Is Harborside Resort kid friendly?

The answer to this is a resounding YES!  For a few reasons.  First off you have a lot more room in the villas at Harborside Resort than you do in the Atlantis hotel rooms.  This means there's plenty of room to spread out and relax, play, etc.  There is a fully equipped kitchen and a washer and dryer in every unit so you don't have to hang your wet clothes off chairs or over the balcony.  It's often less crowded than the Atlantis which makes it easier to keep an eye on your little ones and has a small kiddie pool.  The regular pool has zero entry on one side with some water features for kids to play with as well.  In addition to all that there's a ping-pong table and shuffle-board right near the pool to keep them busy.  When staying at Harborside, you also have full use of the Atlantis as well including the water parks and beach.  Just get your wrist bands and take a shuttle or walk over to the Atlantis.  After you get settled, go to the Harborside lobby and see the concierge, they can give you a sheet with the day's available activities.

2. Is there a resort shuttle that picks you up?  What's the best way to get from the airport to Harborside?

There's no shuttle specifically for Harborside however you can always grab a taxi as soon as you walk outside.  Some people prefer to use specific services and plan ahead of time but there is really no need, taxis are lined up outside and can accommodate any size crowd.  Taxis have regulated pricing but if you opt for limo service it could cost you more than the regular taxis.  Most taxi drivers also have no issue with stopping at a liquor or grocery store along the way so you can pick up a few things. 

Nassau Bahamas Taxi Prices

3. Is there free internet at Harborside Resort?

No, the internet at the resort is provided by a third party and costs $24.95 per day for 4 devices.  You can setup a wi-fi hotspot using your Windows 10 laptop to get around the connection limitation.  It may be much cheaper to get an international plan with your cell phone provider, check prior to going on your trip.  There are two PC's in the Harborside Resort lobby that you can use as well to check email and print boarding passes, however, they are frequently occupied by other guests.  Another option, if you don't want to pay for wi-fi, is to go to the Dunkin Donuts in the mall across the street from the Marina Village entrance and use their free wi-fi.

4. Should I rent a car?

Probably not for a couple reasons.  If you're from the US, they drive on the opposite side we do and for me that's just a recipe for disaster.  Besides, there's plenty of taxis and a water taxi that will get you across the Nassau Harbor which is fun to ride.  If you don't mind public transportation you could also take the #10 bus from Nassau to the Fish Fry very cheaply.  The buses are on one of the side streets in town, have some small bills and change with you.  I think you'd find renting a car a total waste of money unless you really have a specific reason to.

5. Should I get the meal plan?

The meal plan is a bit pricey and limits you to the restaurants in the resort.  If this appeals to you then by all means go for it.  We did it once and found we got bored with the same type of food all the time and for us it wasn't really worth the expense.  There are alot of options outside the resort that are cheaper and give you the chance to sample some local fare.  

6. Is there a shuttle to the grocery store?

Yes, it typically runs the first morning you are there, check with the front desk.  The last time we took it the ride was $7 per person.  Do yourself a favor and bring a large roller suitcase to bring your groceries back to the room, it makes it quicker and easier.  When you get to the store, go to the deli first!  They are a bit slow and everyone else stops there last because of where it's located in the store.  Most things will be more expensive than the US but making your own food, even for a few meals, can save you big money.  We usually eat breakfast and lunch in the villa, and eat out for dinner. 

7. Where can I buy liquor/beer nearby?

It's no secret you can save lots of cash by making your own drinks.  If you couldn't stop at a liquor store on the way from the airport there is one in the mall across the street from the Marina Village entrance.  It's small but should have everything you need.  Beer tends to be a bit expensive but I think it's still cheaper than the resort.  There is also a little hidden liquor store at the back of the small grocery store around the corner from the previously mentioned liquor store.  It's not obvious but it's there.

8. Is Harborside Resort good for solo travelers?

Yes!  There is plenty to do for the solo traveler, shopping, night life, and casino's are a few.

9.  How much clothing should I bring?

After visiting the Bahamas for 20 years I can tell you that you need far fewer clothes than you think.  Since you do have a washer and dryer at Harborside, there isn't the need to bring a huge suitcase full of clothes.  You'll find that you spend most of your time in t-shirts and bathing suits.  Bring some laundry pods and bring only what you really need for clothes.

10. Can I bring food?

We always do, with the exception of fresh fruit and vegetables.  We freeze packaged meats like bacon and hot dogs and put them along with anything else we want to keep cold in a padded freezer bag and have never had an issue. We also bring packaged dry goods like coffee, powdered creamer, bagels, crackers, oatmeal, pepperoni stick, etc.  When you go through customs they typically don't look through your bags and let you pass right through.  If there's any question, see the list of prohibited items on the Bahamas Customs website.

If you have any questions or additions, send me a note through the form on my contact page.


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