Heroine Wreck Dive

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SCUBA Diving the Wreck of the Heroine

The Heroine wreck is located north of Block Island in about 80 feet of water.   A bit more info about the Heroine Wreck.  We dove the wreck at slack tide so we didnt run into too much bottom current.  The water was fairly cold below 60 feet so both of us were using drysuits.  The visibility on the dive wasn't too bad, but it's not a bad idea to bring a line reel to help find your way back to the anchor line.  It's also not a bad idea to tie the anchor in because you can get some pretty good surface swells.  It's a great dive to do if you get the chance. 

My buddy Hal inspecting the Heroine wrck.

Heroine Wreck Dive photo

Sea anemones on the Heroine Wreck

Heroine Wreck Dive anemone's

Heroine wreck dive anchor line