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Cymbals are like crack for most drummers and there's a lot of history surrounding their manufacture.  They've been around since bronze was invented in about 3000 b.c. and continue to evolve.  Much of this evolution has happened in the last 30 years with all the cymbal manufacturing companies popping up all over the world, and with this comes a vast array of new sounds.  With all this going on and the ability to share things on the internet at lightening speed, drummers have a great wealth of information and forums available to them to find the information they need.  Whether they are trying to identify vintage cymbals or asking for advice in the selection of new cymbals, there are plenty of websites to turn to.  These are my top 3 cymbal websites.



Cymbalholics - One of the best and most active cymbal websites on the internet.

Vintage Drum Forum - Lots of great information on vintage drums and cymbals.  You can usually get plenty of help with identification and cymbal stamps.

Cymbal Talk on the Pearl drummers forum.  A very active forum covering all aspects of cymbals.

Please feel free to comment and post your favorite web site for cymbal information.