Flipping and Wholesaling Links

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House Flipping Links


Real Estate Abbreviations


CRM Software for real estate investing.

Lead Management and CRM
VTiger - Vtiger CRM helps you know your customers better.


House valuation

Rehab Valuator


Real Estate Funding

Private Money Exchange - Get ALL your real estate investments funded!


Skip Tracing



Getting Leads:

Deal Machine app
CT Tax Sales
Public Notices - Foreclosure Sales and Notices
CT Probate



Send Out Cards


Getting Comps

REI/Kit - How to Find Real Estate Comps and Calculate After Repair Value

PropStream - For lists and comps.


Finding real estate wholesale buyers

  • Suggestions on how to find buyers once you have a contract to sell.
  • Go to auctions and network, real buyers will be there.
  • Craigslist, use bandits signs in the property area and near lowes, home depot, Facebook marketplace.
  • Find out where the foreclosure auction is held. 
  • Use gis map to see who bought in the area.
  • landglide app.
  • Call the local landlords. They are already in the cash flow business.


Phone Dialers & SMS

Dialer Power
Call Loop
Mojo Dialer


Search Engine Optimization Tools for Real Estate

LSI Graph - Generate LSI keywords for SEO
Answer the public - Get content ideas for your real estate website.