Atmega328au board with NRF24L01+

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Atmega328au board with NRF24L01+

I needed an Atmega328 board with wireless capabilities for a recent project so I decided to put one together.  This board uses an SMD version of the Atmega328p-pu which is called the Atmega328au.  The au version is in a 32 pin tqfp package which is fairly easy for the hobbyist to handle.  It has a JST-PH connector for powering with a li-po battery, a 3.3 volt low dropout regulator to power the radio, and runs at 16MHz.  Standard spacing holes allow it to be plugged into a breadboard if pins are soldered to it.  For my project I needed a voltage divider connected to each of the ADC pins so there are spots for 8 smd 0805 resistors that have one side grounded.  


For wireless capabilities I use the inexpensive NRF24L01+ modules frequently seen on EBAY.  A female header allows the module to be plugged and unplugged so that the board can be programmed through the same connector.  This saved a bit of space by eliminating the need for a separate ISP connector.

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