2 Column Joomla Responsive Template
A 2-column repsonsive Joomla template.

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2-Column responsive Joomla template

This is a 2 column responsive template for Joomla that uses SmartMenus menu.  It's currently a work in process.  If you browse around the rest of my site you'll see my 3 column joomla template that also uses the SmartMenu menu's.  What I'm trying to accomplish is:

  • Responsive Joomla template that uses SmartMenu's.
  • Good GTMetrix performance.
  • Completely self-hosted files.  Not relying on external web servers.
  • Fast loading. 
  • Easy to implement.
  • Usable menus on all devices.
  • Collapsible menu hamburger icon fr smaller devices.
  • No bloated framework added.

It's an adaptation of the template I use on my brother's website Crazed Out Sports, which was born out of of Matthew James Taylor's Holy Grail 3 column liquid layout

Why make my own Joomla templates?

Lots of reasons, the biggest one being able to have complete control over my site template. Other reasons are:

  • I wanted better performing templates. Many other templates I've tried were too heavy and loaded too many scripts.
  • Being an IT person, I enjoy learning new IT things.
  • I use Joomla a lot so I wanted to learn how to customize it myself.

Try it out

Try the page on different devices, change the width of the browser and watch the colums move and menus change.  Right now while I'm working on it there are some annoying background colors but those will go away soon.

To Do list:

  • Remove background colors
  • Be able to specify logo image.


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