5 Fun Non-Gambling Things To Do In Las Vegas

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5 Fun Non-Gambling Things To Do In Las Vegas.

If you're like us, your trips to Las Vegas tend to be on the shorter side. Especially of you're staying somewhere on the strip because let's face it, your bankroll only lasts so long.  On our last trip we stayed a total of 8 days and decided to look for some things to do in Vegas that don't involve gambling.  There's plenty to do but we'd been there a few times and were looking for non-gambling things to do each day without breaking the bank.  Here's what we did:

1. Bowling.

There are more than one casinos in Las Vegas with bowling alleys.  We chose to go to The Orleans bowling alleys because they were close to where we were staying.  They have 52 lanes located in the upper level.  It's not too expensive, you can rent shoes and there are plenty of bowling balls available to use.  The lanes keep score electronically too.

2. Shooting

With several shooting ranges in Las Vegas there are a wide range of shooting activities even the most gun shy individual.  There are many different experiences available, you can just go shoot some guns, get picked up in a Humvee, crush a car with a tank, shoot a mini-gun from a helicopter, and more.  We decided to check out Battlefield Vegas because they also have a military museum where you can wander around and check out various big guns, armored vehicles, and helicopters.  There is a myriad of different weapons to shoot, everything from hand guns to full auto machine guns, even chain guns. Most places have different packages, or you can just pick the guns you want to shoot like we did.  They give you a safety briefing, provide you with safety equipment, then bring you to the shooting range along with your weapons and ammo.  They take care of loading the gun and getting it into your hands then instruct you how to shoot.  It's a lot of fun! 

3. Visit the Neon Museum

The Neon Museum preserves and displays many of the old iconic Las Vegas signs.  When we visited the museum, tickets were about $30.  It's best viewed at night so you can see the old signs lit up in their old splendor.  Tours are limited so it's best to get your tickets ahead of time.

4. Visit Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is in Nevada’s Mojave Desert.  It's about a half hour or so from the strip, depending on where you are staying, and makes a great morning or afternoon trip.  When we went the fee was $15 for the car and we could use the pass all day.  Once you get through the gates it's a 13 mile scenic drive with stops along the way.  You can hike and take pictures, there's a nice gift shop as well.  The rock formations and mountains are beautiful to see and make great photo opportunities.  Be sure to check their web site to find all the information you need.

5. Visit the Hoover Dam and Boulder City.

The Hoover Dam is another great attraction to visit while you're in Vegas.  It was only about a half hour drive from the strip so this, along with our stop in Boulder City, was another half day excursion we thoroughly enjoyed.  You can take guided tours when they are available, or just park your car in the parking garage for $10 and walk around yourself, which is what we opted to do.  Again, plenty of great photo opportunities and great sightseeing.  Be prepared to be stopped on the way in, marijuana and firearms are not allowed in the park.  Another great stop on the way back from the Hoover Dam is Boulder City.  There are lot's of shops and restaurants to visit in this old historic town.  We enjoyed browsing through the antique shops and having lunch at the Dillinger Food & Drinkery.  It's definitely worth a stop.


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